Treves & Hyde in London

When I was doing research for our London trip, I stumbled upon the Leman Locke apartment hotel and fell in love. We had already booked our room, so we couldn’t stay but we made sure to stop by the downstairs section of the hotel: Treves & Hyde. It ended up being one of my favorite spots on the entire trip!  Originally I was going to only include it in my London travel guide (which will be up soon!), but I loved it so much I decided it needed its own post. It’s the perfect place to grab a coffee, cocktail, or dinner. We fell in love and went back multiple times even though we were only in town for a few days! If you’re in London you’ve got to check it out.

Ahhh the design is so dreamy! Enter through the downstairs cafe and find yourself in a pastel heaven—lavender, mustard and blush pink,  a spiral staircase, and yummy pastries. Grab a coffee downstairs and chill, read a book, or work from WiFi. It’s such a treat for the eyes that I didn’t want to leave each time we came. Keep scrolling for some serious eye candy!

Up the stairs you gooooo! Once you make it upstairs there’s a cozy dining area. We just so happened to come in about an hour before they opened for dinner, and were welcomed with one of the best happy hours we had while in London—hello buy one get one free! We sipped on delicious cocktails and ended up happy hourin’ until dinner. Our waiter came and chatted with us about what we wanted to eat, and gave us cocktail pairings for each entree we ordered. Between the cocktails, entrees, and atmosphere you could tell that they paid attention to every detail. Needless to say they know what they’re doing here. I will go back again, and again next time I’m in London.

My Bedroom Tour

I’m so excited to show you the full tour of my bedroom makeover! I’ve been switching this room around here and there, and I finally finished it. I mean, for now at least. Hah! 

I wanted the space to feel very minimal and neutral to make it as relaxing as possible, so I removed a lot of unnecessary items and kept the color scheme as white as possible.  I added a white storage unit under the window, replaced the bedside tables with these simple neutral Scandinavian style tables, and added a few of my favorite baskets for storage. Then, I went in and added a few subtle peaches and pinks to make it a bit colorful.

I’ve been really into this peachy pink color lately, and that was the main inspiration for the focal color of the room. The idea was an bright white light box with no distractions, and a touch of pink and peachy tones to top it off. I’m so happy with how it turned out!

Style / Lovers in Red

Currently obsessing over graphic tees with words on them! I got this one from ASOS for $24 and I’m so happy I did. I love the red trim detail along the neck. I’ve been spotting so many cute tees like this lately.. I’m sort of becoming a hoarder of graphic tees at this point. Check out this post to shop a bunch of favorites right now! I like that you can wear them with jeans to run an errand, or dress it up with a skirt. Shop the look below!

Afternoon Tea at sketch

One of the highlights of my anniversary trip (we were celebrating nine years together!) to London this month was afternoon tea in the sketch gallery.  It’s a total pink dreamworld from floor to ceiling, with the servers dressed in the cutest outfits to boot.

Right now, the gallery features the works of David Shrigley, and you really can get swept away looking around the room at all of the art. We went right after a renovation where they repainted and replaced his black and white drawings with colorful new pieces. The interior is by India Mahdavi, and I’m so impressed by her work, you can see more of it here. Everything from the wall art to the teapots features Shrigley’s work, and most of it is pretty funny too. I loved the contrast between the elegant tearoom and his satirical artwork. It felt kind of like some sort of interpretation of the high/low philosophy where you’re in this posh tearoom and there are literally drawings of poop on the wall. Haha!

The tea comes with your own personal teapot of your choice, tea sandwiches, pastries, and scones. I got the fresh flower tea and it literally tasted like flowers, so delicious!

Flower Love

Well hello there spring! This time of year always makes me giddy—flowers are blooming everywhere, the weather is perfect, and it means summer is riiiiight around the corner. Who else is excited for spring?!

Off to London!

I’m headed to London this week with my guy, and I’m so excited to check out all of the places I’ve been dreaming of seeing in person. We’re booked for afternoon tea at Sketch and I’m giddy at the thought of that all-pink dream restaurant. Stay tuned for some London travel guides!

Film Friday: Daisies

Daises is one of my  favorite movies ever! It’s a 1966 German film by Věra Chytilová about two girls who realize that everything’s going bad in the world, so they might as well join in. They play pranks and rebel against a materialistic society in the most aesthetic way. There’s food fights, swinging from chandeliers, and a whole lot of flowers. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ve got to check this movie out.

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My Glossier Favorites

Natural-looking makeup is major for me, and I LOVE Glossier for that exact reason. The whole brand is about bringing out the natural look and accentuating natural beauty—think freckles, dewy skin, and feathered eyebrows. I love so many of their products, and they’re perfect for when you want to run out of the door quickly, but have a nice natural glow. When I was in Tulum last year the humidity was so high that I couldn’t keep ANY makeup on my face, but luckily I had my Glossier products to keep me looking fresh. I’d use a bit of perfecting skin tint and boy brow, and voilà I was ready to go. My must-have Glossier products are boy brow, stretch concealer, haloscope, and perfecting tint. If you want to try it for yourself,  get 10% off your first purchase here.